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Competency-Based Education: Lessons from New Hampshire

Thursday, 15 June May, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Sponsors: Education Evolving and the Bush Foundation

  • Objectives for learning were defined in terms of “competencies” involving 21st-century skills like problem solving and creativity, over rote knowledge?
  • Assessments were continuously integrated into students’ learning experiences, giving educators useful data to inform learning.
  • Students progressed at their own individualized pace as they mastered content and skills, rather than being moved along—ready or not—based on their age.

States, districts, and schools working to individualize learning for all students are taking these ideas from imagination to reality nationwide through a strategy known as “competency-based education.”

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Great Lakes TURN Conference, 11-12 May


The next Great Lakes TURN event is scheduled for 11-12 May, 2017 at the Mayerson Academy, 2650 Highland Ave, Cincinnati, OH. The conference focus will be Advancing Labor Management and Community Partnerships to Address Opportunity Gaps. TURN will continue to collaboratively examine ways to plan and integrate the implementation of rigorous and challenging student learning and teaching standards, practices and programs and explore new approaches in developing conditions for effective teaching and learning. The agenda will feature local, state and national examples of promising practices, emerging case studies, and policies that focus on this joint work.

The GL TURN teams represent union & teacher leaders, school & district administrators and board members who are working jointly to plan and implement teacher evaluation systems and college and career ready standards to improve teaching and learning.