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Minnesota K-12 Education Funding Analysis: A comparison of public district and public charter school revenues.

Over the five year period from 2009-10 to 2013-14, district schools in the state of Minnesota received betwee $447 and $4,919 more funding per average daily member each year than their charter peers with variation driven primarily by school location.
• Minneapolis: The Minneapolis Public School District (MPS) received $17,982 per ADM while charters in Minneapolis received $13,063, a $4,919 or 31.7 percent difference per ADM each year.
• St. Paul: St Paul Public Schools (SPPS) received $16,117 compared to $12,569 per ADM at St. Paul Charters, a $3,548 or 24.7 percent difference per ADM per year.
• Beyond the Twin Cities: Considering the rest of the state outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul, district schools received $12,102 per ADM on average, while charters received $11,148; a $954 or 8.2 percent difference per ADM per year.

Link to the report: Minnesota K-12 Education Funding Analysis- A comparison of public district and public charter school revenues

Charter School Professional Development Day

On Saturday, 7 October, Education Minnesota is hosting a Professional Development/Teacher Relicensure day for charter school employees, free of charge.

Each participant will have the opportunity to attend each of the sessions.

Student Mental Health – Raising awareness of key warning signs for early onset mental illness in children and adolescents and includes strategies for addressing learning challenges faced by students with particular mental health challenges.

Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies – Focus on effective group management strategies that lead to increased student engagement and learning.

Charter School Networking – Time to connect and share with other charter school educators about challenges, best practices and ideas on how to advocate for students and ensure a productive work environment.


Great Lakes TURN Conference, 2-3 November


The next Great Lakes TURN event is scheduled for 2-3 November at Northern Illinois University Naperville Conference Center, 1120 E. Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563.  The conference will focus on policies, programs and practices that both support and challenge the social, emotional and academic learning needs of all students.  Michael Fullan’s Coherence Framework will guide and assist teams in their efforts to establish shared goals and accountability as well as building capacity to deepen student learning through pedagogical practices.  The agenda will feature local, state and national examples of promising practices, emerging case studies, and policies that focus on this joint work.

The GL TURN teams represent union & teacher leaders, school & district administrators and board members who are working jointly to plan and implement teacher evaluation systems and college and career ready standards to improve teaching and learning.

Competency-Based Education: Lessons from New Hampshire

Thursday, 15 June May, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Sponsors: Education Evolving and the Bush Foundation

  • Objectives for learning were defined in terms of “competencies” involving 21st-century skills like problem solving and creativity, over rote knowledge?
  • Assessments were continuously integrated into students’ learning experiences, giving educators useful data to inform learning.
  • Students progressed at their own individualized pace as they mastered content and skills, rather than being moved along—ready or not—based on their age.

States, districts, and schools working to individualize learning for all students are taking these ideas from imagination to reality nationwide through a strategy known as “competency-based education.”

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Thursday, 4 May, 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

CONVOCATION— “THE INNOVATIVE MINDSET” An interactive session facilitated by the “BRAVE NEW WORKSHOP”. The session will ask you to think about innovation in a different way, and urge you to consider how innovation might function as a behavior that you perpetuate and incorporate into your daily living.

AWARDS LUNCH AND CEREMONY A National Charter School Week Luncheon and Ceremony to celebrate the 2nd Annual MN Association of Charter School Innovation Award Winners.

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Federal CSP Awards

Four Guild contracted schools have been awarded Federal Charter School Planning (CSP) Grant awards.  Congratulations to these schools, scheduled to open in the Fall (2017):

Grove Elementary – a Marine Area Community School, 175K (525K total)
Minnesota Academy for Hearing Speech and Language, 150K (450K total)
Phoenix Academy of Art and Science, 200K (600K total)
Skyline Math & Science Academy, 200K (600K total)